Best Ways To Keep Your Dog Happy and Out of Trouble

Best Ways To Keep Your Dog Happy and Out of Trouble

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Dogs make for excellent companions. They give their loyalty and affection freely and should be treated with the best care in return. Having a pet is a source of a lot of joy, but is also a big responsibility. Know how to take care of your dog and keep them safe from harm and out of trouble so you can enjoy a long and happy lifetime together.

Exercise Your Dog

One of the best things you can do for your dog is make sure he gets plenty of exercise. Dogs need to run and play or they can become irritable or destructive due to the build up of energy. Do some research into different breeds and consider your own lifestyle when selecting a companion. If your work keeps you away from home a lot, or you have limited time to take your dog outside, then look at breeds that don’t require as much exercise to thrive.

Socialize Your Pet

Dogs can be quite territorial or defensive around other dogs and people if they aren’t exposed to them very often. Socialize your dog in a controlled situation where you remain in charge. This way they get used to interacting with others and will soon learn proper behavior. Regular time with other dogs can provide a fun play activity for them as well.

Keep Vaccines Updated

Caring for your dog means you need to see to their medical needs, too. For the safety of your pet and everyone else, go to the vet regularly to keep vaccines current and all other medical issues looked after. Your pet will thank you for keeping them healthy and you can eliminate the worry over some serious illnesses that you could have prevented.

Feed and Groom Properly

Your vet can help you to determine the right type of dog food for your pet. Puppies will need different nutrition that adult dogs. Sometimes senior dogs also need a special diet for maximum health. Always ask your vets advice or check the information on the bag so you give your dog the correct amount of food. Some pets will naturally only eat what they need when they are hungry, but others may need to be helped out in this area or they will just keep eating.

Grooming is another task that should be done on a regular basis. Bathe your pet and brush his fur to keep him clean and free of any pests. Fleas will be a nuisance to your dog, but you won’t be any happier when you have to deal with ridding the dog and the house of the pests.

Train Them To Follow the Rules

A huge part of owning a pet is being responsible for their behavior. All pets need to be trained carefully so they know how to act. An untrained dog can be a nuisance or downright dangerous. You and your pet both need to follow local rules such as having your dog licensed and on a leash while in a public area. Train your dog to stay in your own yard and monitor their behavior. If he wanders off to a neighbors house he could cause damage by digging in the yard, get into a fight with another dog for invading their space, or even bite someone if he feels threatened. If bodily harm or property damage was suffered, then you may find yourself the recipient of a lawsuit, or even an order to surrender your dog to be put down. This is a heartbreaking situation and can be avoided when you take proper precautions.

If you do find yourself in the position of having the law involved over the behavior of your dog, then try to get as much information as possible and review the court record for accuracy. The court reporters Seattle will keep detailed accounts that can be examined. Court cases can be very expensive, and if your dog was at fault for causing an injury or damage, you may find that you owe a significant amount of money. It’s better for everyone to prevent this type of thing from ever occurring.

Give Them Plenty of Love

The most important part of owning a dog is to love them completely. Pets are a big source of happiness. They are always glad to see you at the end of the day. And they seem to know when you are feeling down and need some comfort. Reward your pets loyalty and love by giving them plenty in return. Having a dog is a deeply rewarding experience. If you follow some basic rules of care you can keep your pet healthy and happy so you both can enjoy years of adventure and companionship.

About the Author: Lewis Robinson is a business consultant specializing in CRM and sales. However, during the weekend and in his free time he writes articles on topics that he feels passionate about, pets being one of those passions.